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MOVE – Feel the Dolomites: the Climbingfestival - Karl Unterkircher Award 2014

Outdoor. A new concept which has been on the rise in the last years, managing to become a strong trend in the process. It inspires people to do sport outside, go on an adventure in the unspoilt wilderness, still untouched by mankind. Some would even venture to say that Val Gardena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was created for the sole pu | read more...
Press release 1 "MOVE-Feel the Dolomites"

“MOVE – Feel the Dolomites” „MOVE – Feel the Dolomites“ is the slogan for outdoor activities in Val Gardena: excursions, climbing, trail running, and mountain biking in summer; skiing, cross-country skiing, tour skiing, snowshoe excursions and ice climbing in winter. You can’t get more outdoor than this! The offer is crowned by a breath-t | read more...