In the mountains you’ll find out who you really are inside. Climbing is like a mirror which shows only one picture: ourselves.
(Max Liotier 1969)
Climbing MOVE kick starts the season with many more outdoor activities to come throughout the year. Sport-climbing, alpine-climbing, bouldering and slacklining: Val Gardena would like to invite both amateurs and professionals to take part to this Climbing MOVE initiative in The Dolomites holiday valley. This event is intended for both the uninitiated and seasoned climbers. The proposed activities will teach beginners the fundamentals of climbing and help everyone else perfect their technique and improve their resistance. It will also be an opportunity for different outdoor brands to showcase their new equipment and clothing and, of course, for you to try them out to your heart's content. Val Gardena would like to invite you, with the support of the “Catores” Mountain School and the “Mountain Guide Association Val Gardena”, the Amateur Sport Clubs “ASK” and “GAG”, to go on an adventure in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Dolomites.

More outdoor than this is not possible: surrounded by the spectacular Dolomites.
climbing move
30.07. - 01.08.2015
Thursday, 30.07.2015 8 a.m.: „MOVE Ropeway-day“ for all those wanting to learn the ropes of wall climbing. Head to one of the famous climbing walls of the Dolomites, accompanied in absolute safety by a mountain guide, and enjoy the view and take your first, slow steps on the wall.
Price: €95 per person

8.30 p.m. – S. Cristina: „MOVE Fashion Night“ with live music by “The Blokes”.
A nice party evening with live music by “The Blokes” and climbing tries for everyone on the climbing wall. During the catwalk at 9.30 p.m. a number of outdoor fashion and hardware companies will present their collections.  The association of young alpinists in Val Gardena “GAG” will provide the right drinks for the evening.
Free entry and participation.
Friday, 31.07.2015
9.30 a.m. – Selva Val Gardena: „MOVE Family day out - climbing“
Discover the exciting world of sport climbing in the Rock City, right below the Passo Sella, accompanied by a mountain guide. A sport for all ages, ideal for exciting days surrounded by nature with the whole family. The mountain guide will show you climbing protection techniques and everyone in the family can try their hand at climbing and anchoring to the wall.
Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children between 6 and 16 pay €20, adults €40.

4.30 p.m. – Selva Val Gardena (Piazza Nives): „MOVE twice“ Boulder and climbing competition
Everyone can take part: there are different routes on the specifically built boulder wall and on the Nives climbing wall. Whoever finishes a route will win amazing prizes of Val Gardena and Mammut. If climbing just isn’t for you then sit back, relax and drink the “MOVE aperitif”, listen to good live music by “The Jam’son”and enjoy the climbing performance of the athletes from below.
Free entry and participation.

6 p.m. – S. Cristina (Activ Sport): „MOVE 24h Summer“
The 24-hour-long excursion around Val Gardena reaches its third edition and has been described as an unforgettable experience by every hiker who has participated so far. Unforgettable moments, a breathtaking Dolomite panorama and above all, the satisfaction of having achieved something momentous. This is what makes these twenty-four hours so unique.
Price per person includes mountain guide, dinner, breakfast and lunch (drinks not included), €195
Saturday, 01.08.2015
5 p.m.: Qualification for “Poolder MOVE” – Ortisei (Mardolomit swimming pool)
The qualifying rounds are open for everyone. Participants should enter if they want to have fun and don’t have a problem with getting wet. Participation free.

8 p.m.: “Poolder MOVE” – Ortisei (Mardolomit swimming pool)
The summer party of the year needs the following ingredients: a boulder wall across the water, Italy’s best bolderers and good, live music by “Madax”. This event shouldn’t be missed by anyone, as good times and fun are guaranteed.
Entrance: 8,00€, 1 drink included.