In the mountains you’ll find out who you really are inside. Climbing is like a mirror which shows only one picture: ourselves.
(Max Liotier 1969)
Climbing MOVE kick starts the season with many more outdoor activities to come throughout the year. Sport-climbing, alpine-climbing, bouldering and slacklining: Val Gardena would like to invite both amateurs and professionals to take part to this Climbing MOVE initiative in The Dolomites holiday valley. This event is intended for both the uninitiated and seasoned climbers. The proposed activities will teach beginners the fundamentals of climbing and help everyone else perfect their technique and improve their resistance. It will also be an opportunity for different outdoor brands to showcase their new equipment and clothing and, of course, for you to try them out to your heart's content. Val Gardena would like to invite you, with the support of the “Catores” Mountain School and the “Mountain Guide Association Val Gardena”, the Amateur Sport Clubs “ASK” and “GAG”, to go on an adventure in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Dolomites.

More outdoor than this is not possible: surrounded by the spectacular Dolomites.
climbing move
23.07. - 01.08.2016

Val Gardena Climbing Master
The "Val Gardena Climbing Master", held on the 23rd and 24th of July 2016 in Ortisei is a spectacular competition. A high level of skill has always distinguished this event, to be held the 12th time this year. The young climbers who participate in the contest will climb up the specifically set up, 14m high climbing wall right in the town center, eliciting responses of awe from onlookers.

Saturday, 23rd July 2016: Regional Master Open Categories: Men and Juniors - Women

2:30 PM: Qualification
6:30 PM: Music and climbing for guests
8:30 PM: Finals (Juniors and Women)
9:15 PM: Music
9:45 PM: Finals (Men)
Following: Award Ceremony

Sunday, 24th July 2016: Youth Competitions: U14 Open
10 AM: Start qualifying
3 Rounds Flash for the Categories Ul2 and UlO
2 Rounds Flash + Final on Sight for the Category Ul4 3 PM: Finals (Category Ul4)


Cultural center, 9 PM
Karl Unterkircher Award
Extreme alpinist Karl Unterkircher lost his life on 15 July 2008, in a tragic accident during an expedition on the Nanga Parbat. The award was born out of the desire of his family and friends to keep his name in remembrance and reverence in the alpine world. The biennal event addresses the alpinists who, during the previous two years (2014 and 2015 in this case), have displayed an outstanding level of climbing skills, or who have participated in high-ranking alpine-style expeditions.
The undertakings of the awardees will be displayed during the course of the evening, by means of movie clips and/or slide shows.

The nominations for the 2016 award are:

  • Link Sar West (Karakorum): Jon Griffith and Andy Houseman
  • Trollveggen Troll Wall (Norway): Marek Raganowicz and Marein Tomaszewski
  • Civetta - Dolomites: Martin Dejori, Marta Mozzati, Titus Prinoth, Giorgio Travaglia and Alex Walpoth
Iman Center
Book presentation
This evening's purpose is to give spectators a fresh perspective on the moun­tains: legends, traditions, myths...
Not knowing how to explain the geologic aspects of their homeland, earlier inhabitants resorted to all sorts of such tales. However, a scientific reality obviously underlies this fantastic world. After listening to some local legends, brought to life with music by Sandro del Duca and Pina Sabbatini of the "Al Tei" group, a geologist - Professor Fenti of Agordo - is going to lay out the geological aspects of our mountains, while Paola Favero, the book's author, will present the itineraries required to reach the described locations. The evening will be closed off with a splendid gallery of images by photographer Manrico Dell'Agnola, accompanied by an ancient celtic saga, always by the "Al Tei" group. On top of those songs, an opening song, and a legend about Tanna, Queen of Croderes, will be played as well.